Mr. Kunal Joshi one of our employee is no longer associated with us. Mr. Kunal Joshi has been terminated from Super Monkey Fun Pvt. Ltd.
Mr. Kunal Joshi has been found portraying himself as founder of SMF whereas he was just an employee and has been fired for his involvement in all such illegal activities including side projects and defaming an organization name.

about us

A game development company that was established in the year 2013, SuperMonkey Fun, is the brainchild of two young minds. Innovation, efficiency and dedication is reflected in every game title that has been developed till date. For a company that is just a couple of years old, SuperMonkey Fun has made successful in-house game titles and has delivered highly appreciated client projects. With a team of highly efficient game developers, designers and animators, quality work is one thing we never falter from delivering.



Some of the tools we specialise in:

  • Concept Art   
  • Mobile Game Design


Some of the tools we specialise in:

  • Unity 3D
  • Cocoa 2D
  • Construct 2D
  • Html5 game development
  • Creative design development
  • Mobile application development
  • Cross platform development


New ideas make the world go round and if you've got something interesting, we would love to work with you. And who knows, your idea and our expertise might work wonders. Just fill in the form below and let's get talking.

Mobile   Game   Development
Unity   3D   Development
Construct   2D   Development
Cocoa   2D   Development
Concept   Art
Mobile   Game   Design
Cross   Platform   Development
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